Clean, Versatile, Abundant, & Cost-effective: Propane Makes Sense


A source of energy used by millions of people across the world every day, it is already the leading alternative fuel in Canada and around the world with supply that vastly exceeds demand. As a low carbon fuel, its use compared to fuels like gasoline and diesel results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a cleaner planet. The potential of propane to lead the energy industry and fuel the world of tomorrow is an exciting opportunity that P38 Inc. is working to make a reality.

P38 Inc. was founded in 2008 by industry leaders from various companies armed with years of market experience, expertise, and a passion for integrity and excellence. As leaders, we not only saw the vast benefits of propane, but significant areas for industry improvement and growth. This vision has guided P38 through its evolution into an investment company focused on growing the propane industry and building successful, ethical, and responsible businesses.

We work every day to invest and develop businesses to capitalize on the potential of propane as a clean and abundant energy source, focusing on four key mandates:

Increase demand

Explore untapped market opportunities by developing innovative products and initiatives to increase demand.

> Focus on customers

Leverage best-in-class in-house business services and partnerships with Tier One advisors and suppliers for an unparalleled competitive advantage across existing operating companies.

> Improve public perception

Facilitate industry growth by sharing knowledge and spreading awareness of the many benefits of propane.

> Enhance value proposition

Continuously improve and explore synergies to provide an outstanding customer value proposition.


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