A clean and abundant energy source

We work every day to invest in and develop businesses to capitalize on the potential of propane as a clean and abundant energy source.

P38 Inc. a privately held Canadian company in the energy sector focused on the downstream propane industry.

P38 cultivates growth through investment in existing operating companies and in the development of new business opportunities. P38’s mission is to grow its propane distribution businesses and the engineered products and services that support that goal.

P38 utilizes the depth and breadth of its knowledge to raise the industry to the highest possible level of operational excellence in regulatory compliance, safety, and service. We approach all aspects of our business operations with a strong emphasis on growth, innovation, attentive foresight, and strategic long-term investment of resources.

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P38 propane facts

P38 is also a proud founder of Propane Facts, an online library of facts, statistics, and benefits of propane intended to improve public awareness.


Clean, Versatile, Abundant & Cost-effective

Propane Makes Sense

Our Story

A source of energy used by millions of people across the world every day, propane is already the leading alternative fuel in Canada and around the world. The supply of propane continues to exceed demand, and with the ongoing growth of renewable propane, supply will continue to be plentiful. As a low carbon fuel, its use, compared to fuels like gasoline and diesel, results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a cleaner planet. Electrification and other alternatives will each play a part in the world’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The potential of propane to be a key part of the solution to the world's clean energy needs is an exciting opportunity that P38 Inc. is working to make a reality.

P38 Inc. was founded in 2008 by industry leaders armed with years of market experience, expertise, and a passion for integrity and excellence. As leaders, we not only saw the vast benefits of propane but also significant areas for industry improvement and growth. This vision has guided P38 through its evolution into a company focused on growing the propane industry and building successful, ethical, and responsible businesses.

P38 and affiliate companies support industry associations. P38 is a member of the Canadian Propane Association and the Quebec Propane Association.

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We work every day to invest in and develop businesses to capitalize on the potential of propane as a clean and abundant energy source, focusing on four key mandates:

Increase Demand

Explore market opportunities by developing innovative products and initiatives to increase demand.

Focus on Customers

We are committed to offer the highest level of customer service and solutions tailored to the customer’s specific needs through a dedicated team of industry professionals.

Improve Public Perception

Facilitate industry growth by sharing knowledge and spreading awareness of the many benefits of propane.

Enhance Value Proposition

Continuously improve and explore synergies to provide an outstanding customer value proposition.

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Our People


Team Member

Andy Bite : President

Fay Rody : Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Guy Marchand : Director

Dan Granger : Director

Operating Companies

P38 cultivates growth through investment in existing operating companies and the development of new business opportunities.

Learn more about our affiliate companies below.

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P38 Energy

P38 Energy provides Ontario homeowners and business customers with propane, an environmentally friendly, readily available, and cost-efficient energy source.

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Budget Propane

Budget Propane markets and distributes propane and propane appliances throughout Quebec to industrial, commercial, automotive and residential consumers.

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EDPRO markets and distributes propane and propane appliances through its branches in southern Ontario to industrial, commercial, automotive, and residential consumers.

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SLEEGERS Engineered Products Inc. is a preeminent North American supplier of engineered solutions for the pressure vessel and propane industries. The company designs, engineers, and fabricates propane vehicle tanks, automated propane cylinder exchange kiosks, propane dispensers, propane bulk plant and terminal facilities, custom pressure vessels, and air compressors.

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The storage, transportation, handling, and use of propane is regulated by a variety of Acts and Regulations within federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions. The propane industry in Canada operates within a combination of provincial and federal bodies that overlap with various other industry agencies and boards.

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