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P38 Inc.

P38 Inc. is a privately held Canadian company in the energy sector focused on the downstream propane industry. P38 cultivates growth through investment in existing operating companies, and acquisition and development of new business opportunities. Founded through a collaboration of industry leaders, P38 focuses on strategically developing propane marketing and distribution businesses and the engineered products and services that support our long-term vision of industry growth and operational excellence.

P38 utilizes the benefits of economies of scale and raises the industry to the highest possible level of excellence in regulatory compliance, safety, and service. We approach all aspects of our business operations with strong emphasis on growth, innovation, attentive foresight, and strategic long-term investment of resources.

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P38 is also a proud founder of Propane Facts, an online library of facts, statistics, and benefits of propane intended to improve public awareness.



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About us

P38 Inc. was founded in 2008 by industry leaders from various companies armed with years of market experience, expertise, and a passion for integrity and excellence.